How can I pay for my Membership?

New members have two payment options available to them.

Monthly Payment

All Memberships are for a minimum of 12 months then auto renews to a month-to-month payments thereafter. Memberships can be cancelled at least 30 days notice after the initial 12 month contract.

The minimum cost for 12 months is:

  1. Membership $120
  2. Premier $144
  3. Elite $180

Monthly Instalments allows new members to pay a low monthly payment each month. Payment is made on the same date of purchase each month unless it falls on a weekend or public holiday in which case payment will be made on the next business day.


12 Month Prepayment is available for a single up-front payment. Guests who take advantage of this prepayment option will receive one month free. Once the initial contract period of 12 months concludes, payments will convert to monthly instalments.

  1. Membership $110
  2. Premier $132
  3. Elite $165

All payments are managed by Debit Success as our membership payment processing partner. They can be contacted via 1800 123 978

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    Italia Samuelu

    Where can I pay upfront can I go to ticketek?

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