Do you provide disability concession rates and services at Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Yes, Wet’n’Wild Sydney understands that not all attractions are fully accessible to people with a disability therefore we will offer a reduced rate for guests who:

• Use a wheelchair
• Have an intellectual, aural or visual disability
• Have a Disability Pension Card

Disabled admission rates will be available for purchase at the ticket booths only on the day of your visit upon the presentation of a State or Commonwealth issued Disability Pension Card.

A guest with a disability who produces their Companion Card ( is entitled to one (1) free of charge companion ticket so that their companion can provide attendant care and support during the visit.

Guests who produce a Carer's Card (or similar) issued by relevant State or Commonwealth authorities (as opposed to a Companion Card) will be entitled to a discounted admission rate.

Parking for guests who possess a valid disabiled parking permit will also be available near the park’s main gate entrance ramp. These car parking spaces are clearly marked with the International Disability Symbol. 

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