Are you able to bring your own shade or umbrella to Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

In an on-going effort to offer a safe and enjoyable environment for all park guests, pop-up shade structures or other shade devices requiring rope tie-downs are not permitted for use in the park.

Guests preferring to bring personal shade (including umbrellas) are restricted to low-profile devices that can be securely anchored to the ground. These shade structures can be set-up on our two main grass areas near the Coca-Cola shade areas, but cannot not be set-up on the grass terraces in front of The Beach.

The park staff reserves the right to approve/allow use of any personal shade devices. In the event of high winds situations, the park may require shade devices to be lowered and secured until conditions improve.

As with any personal items that may be brought into the park, Wet'n'Wild Sydney assumes no liability for damage or injury caused to or by an individual's shade device.

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