Can I bring food into Wet'n'Wild Sydney?

Guests are permitted to bring in small amounts of snack food such as homemade sandwiches, fruits and bottled water. This also includes food and beverage items for guests who may have special medical dietary needs, food allergies, and baby food (no-glass containers).

We advise guests not to bring in large quantities of food, eskies, commercially prepared food or alcohol as these items will not be permitted into the park.

Wet'n'Wild Sydney also offers a variety of food options throughout the Park.

Wet'n'Wild Sydney offers a selection of special meals. Our Food & Beverage team purchases Halal-certified products. 

Please note we do not offer Kosher food inside the park. Special exceptions are made to our outside food and beverage policy to permit guests with Kosher requirements to bring reasonable food and beverages into the park.

Please check in with our front gate staff upon arrival to the park for assistance.

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