What is Wet'n'Wild Gold Coasts splash cash?

Splash Cash is the most convenient'n'clever way to carry your cash...without actually carrying your cash!

You simply credit a waterproof wristband with whatever amount you choose. You can slide'n'swim while wearing your wristband and then come time to buy lunch or a souvenir you just swipe your wristband to pay! The money is automatically deducted from the wristband just like your bank account.

That means you don't have to keep returning to your locker to grab some cash which means more time on the awesome attractions!

And at the end of the day you download the remaining cash back into your pocket. It's that easy!

Splash Cash is so innovative that it also recognises you when our Ride Photography takes your pic! You can swipe your wristband at the Photo Centre and it will bring up all of your photos from throughout the day. How cool is that!

You’d be crazy not to splash out on some Splash Cash.

Where to get your Splash Cash wristband?

Photo Centre

Where can I spend my Splash Cash money?

At any Food and Beverage or retail outlet as well as the Photo Centre.

How long is my Splash Cash valid for?

It’s valid for the whole day of your visit.

Things to remember - Splash Cash becomes void if you remove your wristband.

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