What is Tap'n'Play?

Tap'n'Play reserves your ride so you don't have to wait in line. Simply enjoy all the fun that the park has to offer and return to the slide when it's your turn. 

To use simply visit one of the Tap'n'Play kiosks within the park. Follow the prompts and use your Myband wristband to reserve your time to slide. It's that easy!

Tap'n'Play Xpress lets you reduce waiting time by 50 per cent. Once you've purchased the Tap'n'Play Xpress from the inpark sales centre visit a kiosk, tap your special Tap'n'Play wristband, select your ride tower and enjoy the park until its your time to slide.

Tap'n'Play Priority is the best of the best, reducing your waiting time by 90 per cent. As with Xpress, purchase your special Tap'n'Play wristband and make your reservations and enjoy the park with the shortest amount of waiting time.

Tap'n'Play Xpress and Priority will be available to purchase online or at the park. 

Numbers are limited and a security deposit is required for the wristband.

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